In The Middle Of A Life
George Grove

For 21 years we have seen and heard George Grove as part of the legendary Kingston Trio. Now, on his first solo CD album, hear this extraordinary singer/multi-instrumentalist paint a sonic canvas of life's pleasures and pains, the uncertainties of what is to come and the wonder of it all.

"Each of these songs represents a station along this journey in the middle of a life. They are neither male nor female exclusively, but personal to us all. Listen--and find yourself somewhere along the way." - George Grove


1. Darlin' (Jak Kelly)

7. Streets Of London (Ralph McTell)

2. Easy To Arrange (Jak Kelly)

8. Looking For The Sunshine (Mickey Newbury)

3. Middle Of The Night (J. A. Elliott)

9. San Diego Serenade (Tom Waits)

4. Slip Away (J. A. Elliott)

10. Singing Every Inch (Jim Ratts)

5. Shopping (John Hadley)

11. One Sweet Reason (Dick Feller)

6. Longest Beer Of the Night (Carson Parks)

12. Everything (J. A. Elliott)

13. If I Ever Had To Say Goodbye To You (Steve Gibb)


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